Tree Surgery Costs

Thinking about hiring a professional but worried about how much tree surgery costs?

Tree surgeons only need a few hours or a few days to completely transform your garden! Whether you need to hire a professional to manage a hazard or are just looking to give your garden a little lift, qualified tree surgeons can deal with anything that you cannot handle yourself, as they have the required skills, experience and equipment.

All these skills, experience and equipment come with a cost, but hiring a tree surgeon costs actually a lot less than you may think!

Choosing the Right Tree Surgeon

It is always recommended to contact 2 or 3 different professionals in order to compare how much they charge for their services. Some tree surgeons will give you a rough quote on the phone (provided than you can include as much information as possible about what’s involved in the work that could influence the final bill) but to get an accurate quote, your chosen tree surgeon will have to come to your property and survey the garden in order to have a more precise idea of what would be involved.

Make sure to ask anything you want to know before starting the work, including your tree surgeon’s qualifications and experience, insurance policy and any health and safety risks involved for you.

Tree Surgery Costs

Some tree surgeons offer a pay-as-you-go model, so you only get charged for what you need. In this case, a bespoke quote will be provided after an initial assessment of the work.

Tree surgeons can charge an hourly rate, typically £40/hour + VAT or up to £500/600 for a team of three for a day. Larger companies will typically charge a higher price than smaller or independent tree surgeons.

There might also be extra costs involved if a specific piece of equipment needs to be hired for the work, such as a wood chipper or climbing equipment. A wood chipper, for example, can cost around £150/day or £450/week.

Remember that tree surgery costs can vary greatly depending on your area and the work that needs to be done. You can find an outline of prices for tree surgery services we have gathered, but this does not replace getting a specific quote from a tree surgeon that will apply to your specific case.

Why not ask friends and relatives for recommendations of people they’ve used in the past? If you don’t know anyone, find someone local by browsing a directory!

What to Ask For When Getting a Quote for Tree Surgery Work

Don’t be afraid to conduct preliminary interviews with prospective employees – just to be sure you know what you’re getting and what you will be paying for. Your final written quote should include:

  • Clear and comprehensive information about the work to be completed, with all the relevant details about how long it might take and what is included in the service.
  • What equipment the contractor will provide and if there is any preparation you need to carry out yourself.
  • Whether or not the final projected cost includes
  • Whether or not waste disposal will be provided (and included in the cost)
  • A full and functional risk assessment plan, to ensure everyone’s safety during the tree surgery taking place.
  • Honest and reliable references.

No matter how much a tree surgeon cost will set you back, many home-owners will testify to the lasting results of tree surgery and the benefits of hiring a tree surgeon to spruce up your garden for you. After all, these surgeons have the skills, training and experience to look after plants and trees without causing any damage to surrounding plant-life – allowing you to continue growing everything you want and look after your existing garden with just a bit of extra help!

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