With electricity and fuel prices rising, the number of people using logs and firewood for traditional fires and wood burning stoves is increasing. These days, fires are often used in conjunction with central heating so their cosmetic value eclipses their real function. Tree surgeons will often sell on firewood or logs, which is a good way of recycling felled trees while earning extra income.

Different types of wood burning stove or fire will require differing qualities and types of wood. For example, it is not advisable to put wood that spits into an open fire. Some people like slow burning hard woods for their fire and others have no preference.

When buying firewood, it is advisable to get well seasoned logs. A good sign of well seasoned firewood is when there are small cracks at the ends.

Well seasoned log will burn well without hissing or spitting. Hardwood logs such as oak and ash tend to burn slowly and give a good heat since they are made of denser wood. Softwoods generally burn faster meaning that you use up more wood quickly.

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