Our team consists of over 40 years experience in Tree Surgery, Wood Craft and Business

Archie Wilson

Founder and Director | | Tree Surgery and Sawmill LTD
Archie has over 20 years experience in the industry, bringing both pragmatism and a catalogue of knowledge to the company.

Angus North

Director | Tree Surgery and Sawmill LTD
As a director Angus provides the team with the benefits of his strength in tree surgery, whilst being able to add to the company through his natural leadership abilities.

Mate and Eleanora

Millers and Woodcrafters | Tree Surgery and Sawmill LTD
Mate and Eleanora's work is integral to what we do as a company. Their operation of our sawmill diversifies what we do greatly, allowing us to push towards our sustainability goals by repurposing much of the material we remove through tree surgery.

Oscar Fisher Wingate

Climber and Groundsman | Tree Surgery and Sawmill LTD
Oscar provides the unique perspective of youth to the company. However, despite his age Oscar is highly qualified in both climbing and sawing.
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