How to get practical experience as a tree surgeon

On-the-job training and experience are very important for tree surgeons. There are a few options that will help you get more experience to train your tree surgery skills.

First, having qualifications and specialist training can help you source work. Individuals (clients and employers) will tend to prefer qualified tree surgeons.

An option to get you started can be an Apprenticeship scheme. You will need to check if there is one available in your area. This usually involves taking a diploma in Trees and Timber in a college whilst working. It’s a great way to gain more experience while learning.

You can find guidance on apprenticeships in England on the government website.

Our Skillsforce has guidance for apprenticeships in Scotland.

NI Business Info has guidance for apprenticeships in Northern Ireland.

For information on apprenticeships in Wales, visit Careers Wales.

If you lack relevant practical experience, you could do some voluntary work for national or local conservation organisations or horticultural groups. Contact your local National Trust or Woodland Trust to find it they have volunteer opportunities available.

As you start trading as a tree surgeon, don’t forget to make full use of your network (friends, family, past colleagues etc) so you can get referrals to find new work.

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