How Much Should Tree Surgeons Charge?

Listing exactly how much tree surgeons charge for different services is not straightforward. We can estimate how much tree surgery services typically cost, but ultimately prices depend on too many factors to have a definitive list of prices.

It’s also quite difficult for tree surgeons to know how much they will charge without seeing the property and what’s actually involved, so when you contact tree surgeons it is best to invite them to survey your garden so they can provide a more accurate quote.

Factors influencing how much tree surgeons charge

Ther are different factors that will influence prices charged for tree surgery services Here are a few things all tree surgeons need to consider when quoting work:

Type of tree – Some trees are easier to work on than others so this will be a factor influencing the costs of services.

Height of the tree – A higher tree will take more time and equipment to climb, and branches falling could potentially cause more damage, so the extra equipment, manpower and care will ultimately cost more.

Accessibility – If trees are harder to access, it might involve extra costs as tree surgeons may have to work out a solution to gain access to the trees such as using special equipment or preparing a path.

Trees overhang – Some trees can hang over sheds, greenhouses, fences etc. This will require tree surgeons to take extra care in order to prevent damage to structures, hence an increased cost.

Public Footpath – If your tree overhangs a public footpath or road, you may need permission to close off the road or part of the road before doing any work. Prices for that will depend on the road in question.

Stump grinding – If you want a stump removed, the price will vary depending on the size and depth of the roots as well as the type of tree.

Waste disposal – If you cannot dispose of tree waste yourself, your tree surgeon will need to charge for that as well. Disposing of tree waste can involve renting equipment such as a wood chipper or larger truck, depending on the amount of waste.

How to find out what tree surgeons charge

We have gathered some typical prices for common tree surgery services so you can have an idea of the range of prices. Ultimately, the cost will depend on the work that needs to be done as well as how competitive prices are in your area.

For more specific prices, don’t hesitate to get in touch with tree surgeons. Most tree surgeons are happy to provide a quote for the work to be done. Browse our tree surgeon directory to find a qualified tree surgeon in your area.

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