How much does tree surgery equipment cost?

Tree surgery equipment can be quite costly. For bigger contracts, tree surgeons have the option of renting arboricultural machinery for the amount of time they need. But there is some equipment that is essential and needs to be bought. The use of personal protective equipment is also required by law and needs to be taken into account.

Here are some examples of costs for tree surgery equipment (excluding VAT):

  • Chainsaws: £300 to £1,300 each
  • Chainsaw blades: £15 to £100 (depending on type & length)
  • Pruning saws: £10 to £70
  • Secateurs: £30 to £60
  • Loppers: £20 to £80
  • Climbing harness: £60 to £300
  • Ropes: £2/metre or £60 each
  • Pulleys: £75 to £140

Please note that these are estimations only and can vary greatly depending on suppliers, sizes, type, etc.

Equipment needs to be properly maintained and regularly replaced so it stays in good condition. Heavy machinery such as stump grinders or wood chippers can be hired from suppliers from around £100 a day. Alternatively, tree surgeons can look for second-hand tree surgery equipment from specialist suppliers.

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