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Tree Houses – Just for kids?

How many people look at tree surgeons with a hint of envy? Who is lucky enough to climb trees for a...

section 154

Section 154 Notices Explained

A section 154 notice refers to cutting or felling trees that overhang or are a danger to roads or footpaths....

A History of Trees

In recent years, emphasis on ‘save the trees’ in the media, workplace and home has made huge progress in raising...

Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil

It’s no secret that petroleum-based chainsaw oils (carcinogens) are bad for not only the environment, but also for the user’s...

High Hedges and Tree Surgeons

It is a well-known fact amongst anyone who has been a neighbour that both hedges and people are incredibly volatile....

tree surgery costs

Tree Surgery Costs

Thinking about hiring a professional but worried about how much tree surgery costs? Tree surgeons only need a few hours...

Grow your own firewood

Some handy tips on how to grow and manage your own firewood supply

Why invest in Woodland

It may not seem the most obvious investment but have you considered investing in Woodland?

How to employ a qualified tree surgeon

What you should be looking out for when looking for a qualified tree surgeon.

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