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Can I cut my own Christmas tree?

Want to cut your own Christmas tree? Here is our guidance.

Reporting tree diseases & pests in the UK

Tree surgeons have a duty to report any suspected diseases or pests on trees and plants. Find who to report to and the mains threats to report.

Do I need permission before getting work done on a tree?

Looking to get work done on a tree? Here's what tree owners should know first.

Composting Autumn Leaves

Want to make use of the autumn leaves in your garden? Here are some tips to make compost or leaf mould.

Waste disposal regulations in the UK for tree surgeons

Tree surgeons have a duty of care to ensure that any waste they produce during the course of their work is safely disposed of.

Essential Information on Tree protection in the UK

Tree surgeons have to understand and comply with different types of tree protection. Many trees in the UK are protected...

Health and safety regulations for tree surgeons

Tree surgery is an extremely high-risk activity and requires comprehensive understanding and compliance with health & safety legislation. It is...

tree surgery services

Typical Prices for Tree Surgery Services

Want to find how much certain tree surgery services would cost you? Here are some estimates of typical tree surgeon prices to get you started.

What kind of work can tree surgeons do?

Need some work on your trees or garden? Here are some things a tree surgeon can do for you.

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