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How to keep your trees healthy all summer

Just like many of us like to do some  ‘spring cleaning’ inside our houses once the nice weather settles in,...

Treating Frost Damage

Preventing and Treating Frost Damage

Advice on how to prevent and treat frost damage affecting trees, shrubs and plants.

Causes and symptoms of frost damage

From autumn to spring, trees and plants are vulnerable to frost damage. Here is the outline of the causes and symptoms so you can recognise frost damage in your garden.

Accreditation and quality assurance schemes for tree surgeons

Looking for an accreditation or quality assurance scheme for your tree surgery business? Here are the main ones that tree surgeons can join.

Standard terms and conditions for tree surgery business

Not sure about what you should include in your standard terms and conditions of business? Here is what tree surgeons should know.

Subcontracting tree surgery work

Tree surgeons may need to subcontract some work. Here is what you should know about selecting and engaging subcontractors.

What to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays

The Christmas excitement is over and it's time to recycle your Christmas tree. Here what you can do with your tree after the holidays.

Tips for keeping your Christmas tree fresh for longer

Keep the Christmas spirit in your home as long as possible with our tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh for longer.

Selecting your Christmas tree

Christmas is around the corner! Here are some tips to make sure you buy the Christmas tree you need & make sure it's fresh.

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